News Release: ddk marketing, Inc., Brings autogenius App to NIADA

New National Affinity Partner’s Tool Designed to Help Engage Customers More Effectively and Close More Sales

Arlington, Texas (May 10, 2017) —  ddk marketing, Inc. has joined with the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association as its newest National Affinity Partner, offering NIADA members a free 90-day trial of its autogenius app.
ddk autogenius is a web-based mobile app that dramatically increases a dealer’s odds of saying just the right thing to keep each customer engaged throughout the selling process.
Once a simple five-question customer survey is completed, the research intelligence behind autogenius analyzes the answers to identify the customer. For each of the three key customer categories, the app then directs the salesperson on what to say – and not say – to that particular customer to lead to more closes and happier customers.
The sales associates don’t have the time to learn a lot of new tools or complex procedures,” said Luke Heffron, senior vice president of ddk’s Genius Group. “Everything about our autogenius app was designed with that in mind.
The training is built in and created using the latest research on e-learning facilitation. We’ve threaded a gamification tool throughout the app to keep sales associates engaged, learning and excited about the app.”
autogenius works on all WiFi-enabled devices, including tablets, kiosks and touchscreen monitors. And ddk marketing will provide NIADA members with a free, full-license 90-day trial.
The ddk autogenius partnership delivers to our membership an easy-to-implement, highly effective, inexpensive sales process enhancement resource that delivers increased closing ratios, corresponding sales and customer satisfaction,” NIADA senior vice president of member services Scott Lilja said. “Instead of spending thousands of dollars on time-consuming and complex sales training programs, this unique sales tool brings immediate results within a convenient easy to use app.”
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About ddk marketing, Inc.

At ddk marketing, our vision is to provide solutions to a range of common marketing problems you might be challenged with. Who are my customers? How can I find more? What draws them to my brand? To answer those questions in today’s market, we start with proven, traditional methods and update them with modern thinking to create a suite of innovative marketing tools tailor-made for today’s world.
Most important, ddk’s philosophy is grounded on supporting our technologies with a focus on a personal, human touch. Whether you’re interested in generating positive ROI with a ddk direct mail campaign, building stronger connections with your customers through one of our ddk genius applications or training a more effective sales staff with ddk learn, ddk marketing has a solution brewing for you.


The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) is among the nation’s largest trade associations, representing the used motor vehicle industry comprised of more than 38,000 licensed used car dealers. Since 1946, NIADA has represented the voice and interests of used car dealers at the federal level in Washington D.C. Coupled with its state association network across the country, NIADA’s grass-roots framework provides a dual layer of advocacy unmatched in the used motor vehicle industry.
For more than 70 years, NIADA has engineered programs and leveraged technology to fulfill its mission to advance, educate and promote the independent used car dealer. NIADA members subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics of duty, honor and integrity, and believe in the advancement of small business in support of the free-market system.