Connecting businesses to consumers with highly targeted direct mail that drives results.

ddk marketing is our B2C analytics and custom direct marketing communications company. One of our clients is Pandora Jewelry, for whom we provide concierge marketing services, targeting, and communication strategy, with proven results and custom reporting at the corporate level. In collaboration with Pandora’s national advertising agency, ddk works with over 900 individual store operators to customize a mix of marketing that is most relevant to that store’s hyper-local market. Our team of data scientists and market experts gain knowledge with each campaign by overseeing millions of customer interactions. This insight allows us to know precisely: who the most likely prospects and customers are, the optimal time to reach out to them, and what motivates them to action.   Currently, we oversee 6-10 campaigns per year, attend many regional and national operator meetings, and help execute a consistent marketing message that is grounded on customer personalization.

Since we started helping Pandora, we have managed over 99 million pieces of their direct marketing mail, with a 99% on-time delivery and 95% of these resulted in a positive Return on Investment. A Pandora sponsored study also revealed that people who received a ddk managed mail piece are twice as likely to come and make a purchase than those who had not. Another study highlighted the fact that a ddk managed campaigns have been in the top two marketing spends utilized by store operators.

The Genius Group represents the next step in helping our customers create even more meaningful connections with their customers.