You only have a few seconds to make a first impression with your customer. Why not do everything you can to ensure you start off in the right direction with each person you talk with?

A car purchase decision, while possibly appearing to be a objective process by the customer, is heavily weighted on the subjective value of that purchase. How someone feels about buying from you has the greatest impact on that purchase decision. People only buy from people they trust and like.

We’ve created AutoGenius to help sales people uncover the key motivation and desired experience behind each customer before they even begin the selling conversation.

  • Deliver the buying experience your customer craves
  • Increase sales through better connections
  • Improve loyalty and referrals with happier customers
  • Create a new way to fine tune your approach to clients.
Deliver a Unique Buying Experience

Your customer has looked online and figured out all the specifics: vehicle model, color, features, price, etc. and they’ve found several dealerships with cars that match their needs. So, how do you differentiate yourself from the pack? It ultimately comes down to you. What you choose to say to that individual will make the difference between a sale and them walking away. autogenius helps you connect with each customer on their level and keeps them engaged from the first moment of contact all the way to the sale.

Reduce Sales Associate Turnover

There is always a learning curve involved with any new sales associate. During that time, they either progress and become successful or get frustrated and move on. autogenius leverages a proven psychology based system of determining the most effective way to connect with each customer. The result is an accelerated timeframe to success and more confident sales associates.

Increase Closing Ratios with Minimal Effort

We all buy from people we like. The more someone likes what you have to say, the more likely they’ll buy from you. Field testing has shown increased sales of 20% when utilizing autogenius to properly uncover each customer’s buying motivation. With all training and support built into the app, your associates will be using autogenius in less than an hour and winning more sales in no time.

A New Way to Break the Ice

Before a customer is even approached at your dealership, it’s likely they’re already on the defense. The Customer Connect survey can be an opportunity for breaking the ice with a customer and lowering the resistance. The questions are different than what a typical dealership would ask, and letting them know that you’re working towards making their experience as pleasant as possible can make an initial conversation become the much more effective start to closing the deal.

Create Lasting Customer Satisfaction

Customer retention and loyalty is based on the customer’s experience more than anything else. But how to you know you’re delivering the experience that makes the customer truly happy and loyal? With autogenius, there is no guessing about what motivates your customer, what they want to experience and what they want to avoid. And the good news is, this rarely changes in an individual. Once you identify their customer “type” it becomes part of their permanent record and you will know exactly what they expect from your dealership.

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