Leveraging Genius for Added Insights into Job Applicant Motivators

Many sources agree that we are in a job market that favors the seeker. The unemployment rate has been shrinking every year since 2009 and good candidates are becoming more scarce every year. 

HireGenius is a holistic approach that starts with the initial online awareness and candidate registration all the way through to the interview and ultimate hiring and retention processes. By creating experience based segmentation models, we help employers immediately and automatically identify the key motivators of each prospective employee. Once known, the entire communication flow is then focused around their candidate’s discovered subconscious experience expectations and motivations.

Through the use of our streamlined online application process, that incorporates Candidate Connect Questionnaire™, you will immediately experience lower drop off rates for interested candidates and a higher likelihood for more effective screening through deeper insights before even meeting for the first time.

Contact us today to see how we are helping leading franchises and other businesses connect smarter with each potential candidate while lowering excessive costs of high turnover.